Number 4/2018

This number was printed exceptionally late for which we are only partly to blame but still, it warrants an apology.  At the beginning of the year, we decided to renovate our kitchen studio, a place where we prepare and take photos of dishes and recipe tips in the magazine. I’ll spare you the gruesome details but let’s just say it definitely wasn’t  a joyous experience.
Finding a workman prepared to get stuff done fast was no easy feat and then encouraging him to think a little outside of the box was practically impossible. We ended up spending our summer eating out of boxes, left with little choice but to wait till September to get the job more or less done. Reality: October.
The second difference is that we’ve decided to dedicate the issue to two main topics – the 100 year anniversary of the Czech Republic through wine and beer, and South Africa.

Do not miss the competition for INV Profi design work clothes worth 10.000 CZK!


Bohemia Sekt Trophée Sommelier 2018
Wine and the Czechoslovak statehood
Vinařství Volařík awarded as Wine Maker of the Year to the 3rd time!
Journalist´s grape harvest in  Slovenia
World competitions:
Berliner Wein Trophy, Asia Wine Trophy (Daejeon, South Korea), Michelangelo Awards (Cape Town, South Africa)
Historical feast of Wine Harvest in City of Znojmo


Beautify as many people as possible … interview with designer Ivana Jedlička
History of the Beer – History of the Czech Nation
History of the coffee – Honduras
Traveling thru South African National Parks, Bakubung Safari Lodge
Craft Beer in South Africa

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