Editor in chief

Luboš Bárta, JUDr., MBA

Journalist, teacher, wine educator, lawyer, photographer, wine judge…

Editor-in-chief of the Czech SOMMELIER Magazine / Revue for Hotel and Restaurant since 2002 until 2022.
Laureate of the annual PRIX de l´OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin, based in Paris) for the best book of the year 2014 in the field of wine economics – monography Public Relations and Marketing Communication in the Wine Business (B SMART IN WINE PR), Radix 2014.
Author of the Czech digital publication NEW NORMAL or How to Survive a Pandemic with Honour and How to Turn a Coronacrisis into an Opportunity (2021) and lead author and editor of the global e-Book NEW NORMAL IN THE WINE BUSINESS (Or How To Survive Covid From An Economic Perspective While Holding On To Your Dignity And How Can This Coronacrisis Be Turned Into An Opportunity?), to help wine producers and merchants (2021).

Laureate of the annual Vindemia Acta 2012 prize, awarded by The Czech Grape and Wine Producers Union for lasting contributions to promoting wine from the Czech Republic; introduced by the Wine Producers Association in the Czech Wines Hall of Fame in 2017.

Member of Board of the Wine Fund of the Czech Republic (2017-2020).

Since 2017 lifetime honorary member of the American Wine Society honoris causa and Ambassador of Central European Wines to the US. Honorary member of Confrerie de Sabre d´Or /Champagne), Confrérie de Haut-Koenigsburg (Alsace) and confrére-ambassadeur de la Confrérie des Vins de Cleebourg (Alsace).

Chancelor of the Business Institute EDU Prague, the leading Czech MBA school, head of MBA courses for Public Relations and Marketing Communication in the Wine Business and Tourism and Hospitality management. Lecturer in universities, conferences and workshops in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, United States, Israel, China, Spain, Italy, Moldova etc.

Doctor Lubos Barta graduated on Faculty of Law of the Prague Charles´ University in 1982, the MBA degree (Public Relations and Marketing Communication) earned in 2012.
He is a member in good standing of the Czech Journalists Syndicate, American Wine Society, American Association of Wine Economists, secretary of WAWWJ Journalists Association for Europe.

He is the author or corporate author of several books on wine:
Main author and editor of the global e-Book »NEW NORMAL IN THE WINE BUSINESS (Or How To Survive Covid From An Economic Perspective While Holding Onto Your Dignity And How Can This Coronacrisis Be Turned Into An Opportunity?)«, which should help wine producers and traders (English edition) GastroPress 2021
»NEW NORMAL – how to survive a pandemic economically and how to turn the coronacrisis into an opportunity«, (Czech edition) GastroPress 2021
»Public Relations and Marketing Communication in the Wine Business« (B SMART IN WINE PR), Radix 2014.
»The Grand Book on the Beauty of Marrying Food with Wine« (& Branko Černý), Geronimo Collection
»How to Taste Wine« (& Branko Černý), Unicorn
»50 Days with Vintners«, a guide to 64 top wineries in the Czech Republic – their stories and products (& Branko Černý), Geronimo Collection
»Guide to the Vinotheques in Czech Republic«, , Geronimo Collection
»The Second book on the Beauty of Marrying Food with Wine« (& Branko Černý),  Geronimo Collection
»Pescado blanco« – original guide through spanish wines and gastronomy of Eva Petrová & Dominik Sokol
»Third book on the Beauty of Marrying Food with Wine« (& Branko Černý)

With editor Jolana Novakova he broadcasts the Radio Wine Show series on the Czech Radio (premieres 2010/2014, several times repeats) »Red and White«, »The Bubbles«, he participates as well as on several other radio and TV programmes. A great number of books from other writers and publicists are accompanied with his photos from the whole wine-world.

He took the Licence of State Organoleptic Examination authorizing him to act as assessor of food production since 1988, with specialisation in wine tasting as well. Since Czech Republic is an European Union member, he is holder of the wine-taster certificate according of EU standards.

He is partner, president of jury (head judge), co-organizer or ambassador of several international wine competitions in both, Europe and Overseas. In recent years, he has participated in national and international wine competitions as a taster or as chairman of the jury / table captain, at:

  • Vinalies Internationales (OIV), Paris, France
  • Sélections Mondiales des Vins, Québec (OIV), Canada
  • Le Mondial Des Vins Blancs (OIV), Strasbourg, France
  • San Francisco International Wine Competition, USA
  • Great American Int. Wine Competition, New York, USA
  • Finger Lakes Int. Wine Competition, Rochester, USA
  • Texas Int. Wine Competition, Austin, USA
  • MUNDUS vini, Neustadt, Germany
  • Berliner Wein Trophy (OIV), Berlin, Germany
  • Asia Wine Trophy (OIV), Daejeon, South Korea
  • Vinitaly (OIV), Verona, Italy
  • Thessaloniki Int, Wine Competition (OIV), Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Michelangelo Int. Wine Awards, Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Terravino (OIV), (Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya, Ashdod), Israel
  • Vino Ljubljana (OIV), Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Vinagora (OIV), Eger, Sopron, Hungary
  • awc-vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Bacchus (OIV), Madrid, Spain
  • Premios Zarcillo (OIV), Valladolid, Spain
  • Le Mondial du Rosé (OIV), Cannes, France
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Maastricht, Lisabon, Guimarães, Bratislava, Jesolo, Plovdiv, Valladolid, Beijing, Aigle, Brno, Luxembourg)
  • Concours Mondial du Sauvignon (Bordeaux, Blois, Trieste)
  • Vinandino (OIV), Mendoza, Argentina
  • Avaliação Nacional de Vinhos, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil
  • Wine Brasil Awards, San Salvador de Bahía, Brazil
  • Chisinau Int. Wine &Spirits Competition (OIV), Chisinau, Moldova
  • International Wine Award (OIV), Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Danube Wine Challenge, Chateau Bela, Slovakia
  • Muvina (OIV), Prešov, Slovakia
  • Istanbul Ulusal Sarap Yarsmasi, Büyükada, Turkey
  • Silk Road Wine Competition, Wuhai, China