Public Relations

PR articles are an effective way to express your opinion, share your arguments, and introduce your products and their quality in a convincing manner.
The combination of a print advertisement and a PR article is especially effective!

The great advantage is that using PR practices, you can effectively reach out to such “exclusive” target groups that you would never reach in the form of classical advertising.  Very smart target groups, suspicious, narrowly themed, always exclusive. Where advertising communications hinder their limits, there are public relations disciplines that can deal with these obstacles and deal with your publics and contribute to the formation of their thinking.

An example of this is the EU’s prohibition on associating alcoholic beverages with any positive effect on human health or psyche. But what you can not put in an advertising message can be told by an expert, an independent person, a scientist who has dealt with the subject, with the research. He can talk about antioxidants and their effects on blood circulation or red wines in connection with hematopoiesis … and so on. He can say, the quality of life is better with a bottle of good wine!

Join us together to find the optimal way to dock your business and its products in mind for you important target groups!

We are happy to negotiate the price with you personally whenever you would like: the price will reflect the complexity and demands of the given project.
We prefer articles processed by our editorial staff over ready-to-use articles in order to preserve the language and character of the magazine. However, the customer covers the costs of data processing, and editorial and production costs.