Christmas double number 5-6/2018

This Christmas twin is breaking records! Should it have one more sheet, more than 200 pages will roll! Additionally, it embraces the whole world – besides many reports from Moravia and Bohemia you can find here California, Canada, Germany, Israel, China, Cameroun and the South African SPECIAL!

Find out who won the competition for IVN Profi design workwear worth CZK 10.000!

So nice Christmas reading and good luck by 2019!


Winners of the National Wine Competition
Do something for love! How the sparkling wine in Bohemia Sekt is produced?
Moravian wineries portraits:  Agra Horní Dunajovice, Pavel Binder, Karel Válka, Jan Plaček, Sonberk, Sedlákovi
King of wines reached the final
RB Harmonia Vini
Cistercians´ Seal
Terravino Israel, Ashdod, IL
Ontario, Canada
SPECIAL: South African Wine Industry and Wineries
San Francisco International WIne Competition
Our Christmas Gift: Opus One, Napa, CA
Squire Ronald GlenLyon, Sonoma, CA
Sommeliers´competitions – Moravia and China


Vánoční  jarmark
Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant
Chef´s Gallery:  Jan Snopek
Christmas cards and habits
IVN Profi: the continuing interview with designer Ivana Jedlička
History of the beer
Craft beer in Berlin
Having a dinner at  C.I.A.
History of coffee: Cameroun

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