Our Dear Readers,

COVID-19 and the efforts of countries around the world to manage the outbreak have not only affected winemakers, winegrowers, wine merchants, your restaurants, pubs and hotels,  and many other professions, including the publication of SOMMELIER.

After long discussions and research both in our country and with colleagues around the world, we have decided to change the publication period from bi-monthly (6 issues per year) to quarterly (4 issues per year). The Spring Issue has been published and now we are working on the Summer Edition, which will be publisher in first part of June, followed by the Autumn SOMMELIER in September and the Winter Edition in December before Christmas.

Of course, this will also be taken into account in the subscription for which subscribers will receive a postal order/invoice together with the Summer number.

As the publishers of SOMMELIER, we have always taken pride in bringing you new and original content in each issue and we remain dedicated to that goal. We are not interested in reprinting old dusty articles from past years or publishing translated articles from other wine journals. After 29 years, we don’t want to become like sports news on TV – rehashing old games and records because there are simply no new sports matches. We know that right now there are no wine competitions – in our country or anywhere in the world – there are no trade fairs or wine exhibitions. The wine world has slowed down. Our in-person research and interviews are now restricted by travel bans, and even if we arrived at a winery that would be in the mood to receive us, we would not meet many people there.

Our commitment to you is to bring current news, articles, interviews, and reporting – even in the midst of a pandemic – so we are increasing our social media activity and working with new technology systems to accomplish our goals. We are excited to announce that we have joined with Lucy Hotařová from Etiflex #WE WILL DRINK IT! and the team at Harmonia Vini to bring you events and podcasts about Czech and Moravian wines.

Our 2020 wish, may we all be healthy, safe and enjoy great wine!

So together – cheers!

Iva Kováříková & Luboš Bárta

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