Number 3/2018

Prázdninové číslo přináší oddechové čtení na dovolenou a pro chvíle volna.


Vinařství Volařík in new premises
Power of crystals and good wines – Jarmila Winery
Paying visit in the Reisten Winery
Wine competitions: Valtické vinné trhy, Grand Prix Vinex, Rosé Tour, National Wine Competition, Mělník
Wine Prague Exhibition
Worldwide: Great American Wine Competition, Rochester, NY
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Beijing, China
Southafrican V.I.P. Lorraine Immelman traveling thru Moravia


Minibrew: Farm Obora u Tábora
Gastronomic travel guide: Belgium
History of beer
History of coffee
Car Story: Stalking footsteps of Henry Ford in Detroit

Number 2/2018

Spring has sprung and love is all around. Along with plenty of large wine competitions of course. It’s incredible to see such small countries as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who produce 3 and 2 thousandth worth of the world’s wine production respectively, become major players at the largest and most famous competitions around the world. And it’s fantastic to watch the successes they are reaping!

Josef Valihrach picked up the world champion title at the world’s oldest competition in Lubljana –and for his very new variety of Cabernet Blanc no less! Meanwhile Znovín Znojmo picked up five gold medals out of six registered wines!

With their Pinot Blanc Late Harvest 2015, Vinselekt Michlovský picked up the Grand Prix at the Pinot Blanc championship competition.

Shining as this year’s brightest star are the Ostrožovič family from Slovakia’s Tokaj region picking up the Grand Prix award in the category of Les Vins Blancs de Cépages et d’Assemblages du Monde in Strasburg, Vinalies d´Or for the best sweet wine at the Vinalies Internationales in Paris and the Bacchus d´ Oro award for the best sweet wine at Bacchus in Madrid – all top rated competitions by VinoFed!

Long may this trend continue!


ProWein Düsseldorf
Vinum Juvenale
“Great Chick” representative label of Velké Bílovice
World competitions:
Vinalies Internationales, Paris
Bacchus UOC, Madrid
Finger Lakes, Rochester, NY
Led Concours des Grands Vins Blancs, Strasbourg
Vino Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vienále, Topoľčianky
Vínne trhy Pezinok
Château Topoľčianky
VPS Pavelka
Zámocké vinárstvo Šimák – Editio Janoušek


Historiy and today of Heineken beer
Visite Amsterdam!
Texas and the Czech foot prints there (final)
Autosalon: Classic Remise Düsseldorf

Number 1/2018

For our very first issue of 2018, we decided to place Czech, Moravian and Slovak wines in the limelight.  In the gastronomy part we will be offering you a guided tour thru snowy Chicago, the capital of Illinois. Join us as we take a stroll through the culinary delights of Chicago, check out where Richard Gere used to go dancing with Jennifer Lopez in Shall we dance?, plus have a read through all of our other reports, interviews and articles.


Salon of Wines of the Czech Republic
Interview with Pavlem Vajčner, the Znovín Znojmo CEO
Ludwig Winers in Asia
Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora
Czech Winery Chrámce
Wines from holy Claire
National Salon of Wines,  Slovakia
Golguz and Wine of the Year
Tokaj Macik
Karpatská Perla
Skalice wine shelters
Audience Grand Cru Classé
Weinidylle with Inspector Rex

Revue pro Hotel, Restaurant a Cestování

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Chef s Gallery – Pavel Brož
Pastry and coffe at Alchymist Café
Chapters from the history of the beer
Carneval at Letna, Prague
Autosalon – Museo Lamborghini



In our 27-year history, this is our first ever double issue. And it’s yours to keep!
But to say it’s a double issue does the work an injustice, since in fact you are holding two fully-fledged magazines by 164 pages, all in one for your festive and New Year’s reading.
We’re especially proud to be able to take you with us on a journey to one of the world’s most expensive wineries – Spain’s famous winery of Vega Sicilia.
And you get to experience it with us. Simply amazing!
On top of this, we’ll introduce you to France’s former president Jacques Chirac’s personal sommelier, plus take you around a whole range of excellent wineries in Moravia.
You can also look forward to catching a glimpse of Thanksgiving Dinner in Texas. We went to Austin to take part in a really lovely international competition where our wines picked up 10 double golds and 17 golds, leaving behind an outstanding impression!
To fly to the other side of the world without gathering plenty of interesting material for you would have been a crime – hence the theme of this issue – Special Texas.
And don’t worry, there’s plenty left for the next issue!
So don’t say we never spoil you!


SPECIAL: Wine Production in Texas
Cistercians´ Seal
Terravino Israel
Trophée Bohemia Sekt
Vega Sicilia
Cedric Picot –  President´s Chirac sommelier
Davinus – first five years
Organic winery Čech
Wine Barn in Valtice
Proqin Bubbles
Fictive interview with Foltyn brothers
Tomáš Vican – wine and movies producer
Vitis Strážnice
MD Kosík´s wines
Josef Dufek Svatobořice-Mistřín

Revue for Hotel, Restaurant, Travel:

SPECIAL: Czech footsteps in Texas
Texan beer
New CIPA shop
Pavlovín and Gastronomy
Chefs Gallery: Radek Šplíchal
History of Coffee – Café games
History of Beer – Christmas customs
Autosalon: Papa mobiles


This 92-page issue can be divided into two main topics – world competitions and the successes of our wines on them (and they are SO MANY!), and a look back on history – the anniversary of Valtice Wine Fair with Jan Otáhal’s book, the development in evaluation of the competitions with Ton Kolsteeg, the twenty years of the Pardubice Wine Festival or fifteen years of Harmonia Vini, onbe of leading wine distributors. It’s good to remember, especially for that.

And head out to Tokaj with Ostrozovic’s, their splendid wines and the excellent sommelier Maťo Šándor.


Makro Wine Maker of the Year
King of Wines competition
Asia Wine Trophy
Berliner Wein Trophy
Michelangelo Awards
20 years of PFV
Harmonia Vini
The Charm of Tokaj Wines J+J Ostrožovič
History od Valtice Wine Fair
Taster Ton Kolsteeg


Gastronomy and wine: Golguz & Château Appony
Chefs Gallery: Stanislav Domček
The oldest pub in the world
St. Wenzel feast of Czech beer
Historiy of Beer
Topograpfy of Coffee – South Africa
Spanish tradition: Cocido
Autoshow Prague


Summer has finally arrived which means vacations, relaxation, beach,  barbecue and of course, wine! Wine in all of its forms, but mainly some light,
easy on palate, refreshing and something fizzy or bubbly, which will add a seasonal sparkle to our glasses!
Summer also evokes relaxed laziness, plenty of ice-cream together with summer romances. And travels. Lots of travels.
Although this edition is being published with a short yet unavoidable delay (for which we would really like to apologize to all our readers) we would still like
to offer you some interesting travel tips for an interesting destination which may be very close, yet at the same time almost unknown to most of our readers. Wine voyage will take us to a German wine region of Kaiserstuhl into the area of Schwarzwald, followed by a gourmet tour right behind the borders of Bavaria, into the cities of Regensburg and Vilshofen at Donau river.


Indepentent wine makers in Penny Markets
New wines from St. Klara vineyard
Wine Prague
Vino Ljubljana
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Finca Herrera / Cigales
Germany – Kaiserstuhl wines
Czen wine makers in New Zaeland


Leaders in Hospitality
Topography of coffee – Mexico
Chefs Gallery: Uli Deutzer, Regensburg
History of Beer
In the Footsteps of Josefa Groll
Tip for a trip – Bayern
Car driving test: BMW Gran Tourer
BMW Museum, München


How to recover lost energy after the winter?
Vitamins, movement, body cleansing. But that’s not all.
If we give more love to our lives, if we do something for others, we will feel better, we will live better.
For seven years now, we have been helping collect and transport samples to the world’s largest charity winning competition, the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, whose entire proceeds are funded by the camp for oncologically ill children. Since then, we’ve been sending the same samples to the Great American Wine Competition, which also has a charitable dimension.
For the first time in seven years we managed to cross the limit of 200 Czech, Moravian and Slovak samples! Unbelievable 55 wineries decided to support a good thing!
It’s just beautiful to enter spring, enriched by helpfulness, good intentions
and with the feeling that our wineries are helping beyond the ocean. That feeling is worth it!
The beautiful medals we bring will be a nice bonus and memory.

Salon of Wines of Czech Republic
Dreaming graphic artist Lemka
Prague Wine Trophy & Week
They wrote on wine
A renewed tradition of the currant wines
Special: Castilla y León 
Before ProWein starts
Black Sea Region Wine Competition

Special:  Spanish gastronomy
Mead and maple syrum in Canada
History of beer – How the Pilsner Urquell was born
Historie of ciffee
Marketing and PR
Driving Car Test: Škoda Superb 4×4



The heavens have opened and gold and silver are raining on the heads of our winemakers and their wines!
It’s a time when the outstanding results of our wines achieved in the past are taking on a new dimension.
We’re delighted to have had the occasion to witness these results first-hand and even be able to contribute organisationally to a number of them.

We will stop at the best wineries in Alsace, in Moravia we visited Pavel Pastorek in Čejkovice, we discovered the distinct wines of Jakub Zborovský, followed by the championship titles in France and America.

And let’s not forget – Tomáš Jakeš takes us to his kitchen U Kapličky and Barbora Ryzí’ in the Wine Wellness in Hustopeče.

Vinalies Internationales
Big Wine Competitions in United States
Wineries Leoš Horák, Broňa Vajbar, Vinařství Košut, U Kapličky, Syfany
Templar Cellars
Seven Alsatian Treasures

Winterhalter Under Counter Dishwashers
Chefs Gallery
Hotel Centro Hustopece
History of Beer
Topography of Coffee – Colombia
The Mercedes Benz Museum