Number 1/2018

For our very first issue of 2018, we decided to place Czech, Moravian and Slovak wines in the limelight.  In the gastronomy part we will be offering you a guided tour thru snowy Chicago, the capital of Illinois. Join us as we take a stroll through the culinary delights of Chicago, check out where Richard Gere used to go dancing with Jennifer Lopez in Shall we dance?, plus have a read through all of our other reports, interviews and articles.


Salon of Wines of the Czech Republic
Interview with Pavlem Vajčner, the Znovín Znojmo CEO
Ludwig Winers in Asia
Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora
Czech Winery Chrámce
Wines from holy Claire
National Salon of Wines,  Slovakia
Golguz and Wine of the Year
Tokaj Macik
Karpatská Perla
Skalice wine shelters
Audience Grand Cru Classé
Weinidylle with Inspector Rex

Revue pro Hotel, Restaurant a Cestování

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Chef s Gallery – Pavel Brož
Pastry and coffe at Alchymist Café
Chapters from the history of the beer
Carneval at Letna, Prague
Autosalon – Museo Lamborghini


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