Our Dear Readers,

COVID-19 and the efforts of countries around the world to manage the outbreak have not only affected winemakers, winegrowers, wine merchants, your restaurants, pubs and hotels,  and many other professions, including the publication of SOMMELIER.

After long discussions and research both in our country and with colleagues around the world, we have decided to change the publication period from bi-monthly (6 issues per year) to quarterly (4 issues per year). The Spring Issue has been published and now we are working on the Summer Edition, which will be publisher in first part of June, followed by the Autumn SOMMELIER in September and the Winter Edition in December before Christmas.

Of course, this will also be taken into account in the subscription for which subscribers will receive a postal order/invoice together with the Summer number.

As the publishers of SOMMELIER, we have always taken pride in bringing you new and original content in each issue and we remain dedicated to that goal. We are not interested in reprinting old dusty articles from past years or publishing translated articles from other wine journals. After 29 years, we don’t want to become like sports news on TV – rehashing old games and records because there are simply no new sports matches. We know that right now there are no wine competitions – in our country or anywhere in the world – there are no trade fairs or wine exhibitions. The wine world has slowed down. Our in-person research and interviews are now restricted by travel bans, and even if we arrived at a winery that would be in the mood to receive us, we would not meet many people there.

Our commitment to you is to bring current news, articles, interviews, and reporting – even in the midst of a pandemic – so we are increasing our social media activity and working with new technology systems to accomplish our goals. We are excited to announce that we have joined with Lucy Hotařová from Etiflex #WE WILL DRINK IT! and the team at Harmonia Vini to bring you events and podcasts about Czech and Moravian wines.

Our 2020 wish, may we all be healthy, safe and enjoy great wine!

So together – cheers!

Iva Kováříková & Luboš Bárta

4-5 / 2019

Double number 4 + 5/2019

118 pages about wine from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia, many world competitions, first-hand and special about craft beers in the US or the birth of absinthe in Switzerland

World Competitions:

Michelangelo Wine & Spirits Awards, South Africa
Asia Wine Trophy & Daejeon Wine Festival

About wine:

Johann W Trebivlice
Spielberg CZ
Pavlov Winery
Serbia, Vojvodina
Bohemia Sekt Trophé – sommelier championship
Korbel California Champagne
Gloria Ferrer
Christmas Piper Heisieck


Smart Czech stoppers for sparkling wines
Třebechovice Nativity Museum
Christmas pastry from Karlštejn
Where did Absinthe originate and how should be tasted?
Coffee on Smith Island

Car test: Opel Movano Estate and fleetcars show for your business


Red Deer, Sun in Glass Festival, Oktoberfest in Munich and Munich, Christmas recipes with beer


148 pages of this summer double are off the press!


Bohemia and Moravia:
Znovín Znojmo, Jarovín rosé,  Phenomenon of Klínky vineyard, Wine Prague exhibition, Story of Blue cellar (Modrý sklep), AnnoVino opens new winery.

Family Winery Berta, Château Rúbaň

International wine competitions: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Finger Lakes, Great American, Les Concours des Grands Vins Blancs Strasbourg, Danube Wine Challenge, Fest Wine, Grand Prix Vinex, Berliner Wein Trophy

SPECIALWines of Switzerland


Flying brewmaster Tomáš Hub
Declaration of the Union of spirits producers and importers
Nestville Whisky
Armagnac from Gascogne to the Czech anniversaries
Awards for Hayman’s of London gin
Summer cocktails in Fours Seasons Hotel Prague
OXO Liebig Extract of Meat Company

SPECIALTrains, chocolates, cheeses and sightseeings in Switzerland


Number 1/2019

132 pages full of first-hand reports, interviews and photos. And in addition to this, we will introduce to you the winner of the competition of design professional clothing from IVNprofi fashion studio worth 10000 CZK!


Salon of wines 2019
Habánské sklepy opened new wine shop
František Zapletal winery
New oenologic laboratory at BS vinařské potřeby
National championship in vine pruning
Broňa Vajbar is playing with open cards
Vinalies Internationales, Paris
Bacchus Madrid
Texas a TXIWC, Austin
SPECIAL:  ProWein Trade Fair,  Düsseldorf


Darja Kawasumi, Miyabi
Pavel Sapík, Terasa U Zlaté studně
El Emír
IVNprofi Work Fashion: Who is the winner?
Coca Cola Museum, Atlanta
Jack Daniel´s Distillery, Lynchburg
Chapters from the History of Beer 76
Driving test: Renault Trafic Passenger

Christmas double number 5-6/2018

This Christmas twin is breaking records! Should it have one more sheet, more than 200 pages will roll! Additionally, it embraces the whole world – besides many reports from Moravia and Bohemia you can find here California, Canada, Germany, Israel, China, Cameroun and the South African SPECIAL!

Find out who won the competition for IVN Profi design workwear worth CZK 10.000!

So nice Christmas reading and good luck by 2019!


Winners of the National Wine Competition
Do something for love! How the sparkling wine in Bohemia Sekt is produced?
Moravian wineries portraits:  Agra Horní Dunajovice, Pavel Binder, Karel Válka, Jan Plaček, Sonberk, Sedlákovi
King of wines reached the final
RB Harmonia Vini
Cistercians´ Seal
Terravino Israel, Ashdod, IL
Ontario, Canada
SPECIAL: South African Wine Industry and Wineries
San Francisco International WIne Competition
Our Christmas Gift: Opus One, Napa, CA
Squire Ronald GlenLyon, Sonoma, CA
Sommeliers´competitions – Moravia and China


Vánoční  jarmark
Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant
Chef´s Gallery:  Jan Snopek
Christmas cards and habits
IVN Profi: the continuing interview with designer Ivana Jedlička
History of the beer
Craft beer in Berlin
Having a dinner at  C.I.A.
History of coffee: Cameroun

Number 4/2018

This number was printed exceptionally late for which we are only partly to blame but still, it warrants an apology.  At the beginning of the year, we decided to renovate our kitchen studio, a place where we prepare and take photos of dishes and recipe tips in the magazine. I’ll spare you the gruesome details but let’s just say it definitely wasn’t  a joyous experience.
Finding a workman prepared to get stuff done fast was no easy feat and then encouraging him to think a little outside of the box was practically impossible. We ended up spending our summer eating out of boxes, left with little choice but to wait till September to get the job more or less done. Reality: October.
The second difference is that we’ve decided to dedicate the issue to two main topics – the 100 year anniversary of the Czech Republic through wine and beer, and South Africa.

Do not miss the competition for INV Profi design work clothes worth 10.000 CZK!


Bohemia Sekt Trophée Sommelier 2018
Wine and the Czechoslovak statehood
Vinařství Volařík awarded as Wine Maker of the Year to the 3rd time!
Journalist´s grape harvest in  Slovenia
World competitions:
Berliner Wein Trophy, Asia Wine Trophy (Daejeon, South Korea), Michelangelo Awards (Cape Town, South Africa)
Historical feast of Wine Harvest in City of Znojmo


Beautify as many people as possible … interview with designer Ivana Jedlička
History of the Beer – History of the Czech Nation
History of the coffee – Honduras
Traveling thru South African National Parks, Bakubung Safari Lodge
Craft Beer in South Africa

Number 3/2018

Prázdninové číslo přináší oddechové čtení na dovolenou a pro chvíle volna.


Vinařství Volařík in new premises
Power of crystals and good wines – Jarmila Winery
Paying visit in the Reisten Winery
Wine competitions: Valtické vinné trhy, Grand Prix Vinex, Rosé Tour, National Wine Competition, Mělník
Wine Prague Exhibition
Worldwide: Great American Wine Competition, Rochester, NY
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Beijing, China
Southafrican V.I.P. Lorraine Immelman traveling thru Moravia


Minibrew: Farm Obora u Tábora
Gastronomic travel guide: Belgium
History of beer
History of coffee
Car Story: Stalking footsteps of Henry Ford in Detroit

Number 2/2018

Spring has sprung and love is all around. Along with plenty of large wine competitions of course. It’s incredible to see such small countries as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who produce 3 and 2 thousandth worth of the world’s wine production respectively, become major players at the largest and most famous competitions around the world. And it’s fantastic to watch the successes they are reaping!

Josef Valihrach picked up the world champion title at the world’s oldest competition in Lubljana –and for his very new variety of Cabernet Blanc no less! Meanwhile Znovín Znojmo picked up five gold medals out of six registered wines!

With their Pinot Blanc Late Harvest 2015, Vinselekt Michlovský picked up the Grand Prix at the Pinot Blanc championship competition.

Shining as this year’s brightest star are the Ostrožovič family from Slovakia’s Tokaj region picking up the Grand Prix award in the category of Les Vins Blancs de Cépages et d’Assemblages du Monde in Strasburg, Vinalies d´Or for the best sweet wine at the Vinalies Internationales in Paris and the Bacchus d´ Oro award for the best sweet wine at Bacchus in Madrid – all top rated competitions by VinoFed!

Long may this trend continue!


ProWein Düsseldorf
Vinum Juvenale
“Great Chick” representative label of Velké Bílovice
World competitions:
Vinalies Internationales, Paris
Bacchus UOC, Madrid
Finger Lakes, Rochester, NY
Led Concours des Grands Vins Blancs, Strasbourg
Vino Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vienále, Topoľčianky
Vínne trhy Pezinok
Château Topoľčianky
VPS Pavelka
Zámocké vinárstvo Šimák – Editio Janoušek


Historiy and today of Heineken beer
Visite Amsterdam!
Texas and the Czech foot prints there (final)
Autosalon: Classic Remise Düsseldorf

Number 1/2018

For our very first issue of 2018, we decided to place Czech, Moravian and Slovak wines in the limelight.  In the gastronomy part we will be offering you a guided tour thru snowy Chicago, the capital of Illinois. Join us as we take a stroll through the culinary delights of Chicago, check out where Richard Gere used to go dancing with Jennifer Lopez in Shall we dance?, plus have a read through all of our other reports, interviews and articles.


Salon of Wines of the Czech Republic
Interview with Pavlem Vajčner, the Znovín Znojmo CEO
Ludwig Winers in Asia
Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora
Czech Winery Chrámce
Wines from holy Claire
National Salon of Wines,  Slovakia
Golguz and Wine of the Year
Tokaj Macik
Karpatská Perla
Skalice wine shelters
Audience Grand Cru Classé
Weinidylle with Inspector Rex

Revue pro Hotel, Restaurant a Cestování

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Chef s Gallery – Pavel Brož
Pastry and coffe at Alchymist Café
Chapters from the history of the beer
Carneval at Letna, Prague
Autosalon – Museo Lamborghini



In our 27-year history, this is our first ever double issue. And it’s yours to keep!
But to say it’s a double issue does the work an injustice, since in fact you are holding two fully-fledged magazines by 164 pages, all in one for your festive and New Year’s reading.
We’re especially proud to be able to take you with us on a journey to one of the world’s most expensive wineries – Spain’s famous winery of Vega Sicilia.
And you get to experience it with us. Simply amazing!
On top of this, we’ll introduce you to France’s former president Jacques Chirac’s personal sommelier, plus take you around a whole range of excellent wineries in Moravia.
You can also look forward to catching a glimpse of Thanksgiving Dinner in Texas. We went to Austin to take part in a really lovely international competition where our wines picked up 10 double golds and 17 golds, leaving behind an outstanding impression!
To fly to the other side of the world without gathering plenty of interesting material for you would have been a crime – hence the theme of this issue – Special Texas.
And don’t worry, there’s plenty left for the next issue!
So don’t say we never spoil you!


SPECIAL: Wine Production in Texas
Cistercians´ Seal
Terravino Israel
Trophée Bohemia Sekt
Vega Sicilia
Cedric Picot –  President´s Chirac sommelier
Davinus – first five years
Organic winery Čech
Wine Barn in Valtice
Proqin Bubbles
Fictive interview with Foltyn brothers
Tomáš Vican – wine and movies producer
Vitis Strážnice
MD Kosík´s wines
Josef Dufek Svatobořice-Mistřín

Revue for Hotel, Restaurant, Travel:

SPECIAL: Czech footsteps in Texas
Texan beer
New CIPA shop
Pavlovín and Gastronomy
Chefs Gallery: Radek Šplíchal
History of Coffee – Café games
History of Beer – Christmas customs
Autosalon: Papa mobiles