This 92-page issue can be divided into two main topics – world competitions and the successes of our wines on them (and they are SO MANY!), and a look back on history – the anniversary of Valtice Wine Fair with Jan Otáhal’s book, the development in evaluation of the competitions with Ton Kolsteeg, the twenty years of the Pardubice Wine Festival or fifteen years of Harmonia Vini, onbe of leading wine distributors. It’s good to remember, especially for that.

And head out to Tokaj with Ostrozovic’s, their splendid wines and the excellent sommelier Maťo Šándor.


Makro Wine Maker of the Year
King of Wines competition
Asia Wine Trophy
Berliner Wein Trophy
Michelangelo Awards
20 years of PFV
Harmonia Vini
The Charm of Tokaj Wines J+J Ostrožovič
History od Valtice Wine Fair
Taster Ton Kolsteeg


Gastronomy and wine: Golguz & Château Appony
Chefs Gallery: Stanislav Domček
The oldest pub in the world
St. Wenzel feast of Czech beer
Historiy of Beer
Topograpfy of Coffee – South Africa
Spanish tradition: Cocido
Autoshow Prague

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