How to recover lost energy after the winter?
Vitamins, movement, body cleansing. But that’s not all.
If we give more love to our lives, if we do something for others, we will feel better, we will live better.
For seven years now, we have been helping collect and transport samples to the world’s largest charity winning competition, the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, whose entire proceeds are funded by the camp for oncologically ill children. Since then, we’ve been sending the same samples to the Great American Wine Competition, which also has a charitable dimension.
For the first time in seven years we managed to cross the limit of 200 Czech, Moravian and Slovak samples! Unbelievable 55 wineries decided to support a good thing!
It’s just beautiful to enter spring, enriched by helpfulness, good intentions
and with the feeling that our wineries are helping beyond the ocean. That feeling is worth it!
The beautiful medals we bring will be a nice bonus and memory.

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