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1/2016 27.2.2016 25.1.2016 8.2.2016
Issue entering new year 2016
2/2016 24.4.2016 22.3.2016 29.3.2016
This volume is issued on the time before the Wine&Spirits Prague Trade Fair
3/2016 25.6.2016 24.5.2016 7.6.2016
The holiday volume is usualy read from the first till the last page, not only by regular readers, but as well by the accidental ones.
4/2016 4.9.2016 19.8.2016 23.8.2016
This volume is covering the main occassions and festivals held during summer
5/2016 30.10.2016 23.9.2016 15.10.2016
Time to your offer for preparting Christmas menus and filling the cellars wits festive wines
6/2016 11.12.2016 04.11.2016 18.11.2016
Good time for saying Happy New Year!

     The dates for publication of the magazine are not binding, and they can be altered in the light of important events, such as exhibitions, trade fairs, or media campaigns involving the participation of our publishing company.
     As a rule, the magazine comes out in the second half of even months of the year, with the exception of the summer school holidays, when it comes out in September. The October issue comes out later than usual, while the December issue takes the stands a little ahead of schedule, ie. to be in good time for Christmas. As a result both issues 5 and 6 can have the maximum possible impact on the reading public in the all-important pre-Christmas period.
     It is possible, that some issues will be united in the festive double-issue, similar to the successful Christmas issue 5+6/2014.

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Asociace sommeliérů ČR

Asociácia someliérov SR

The National Wine Centre and Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

World Association Wine& Spirits Writers and Jornalists


Portál Gastroland

Mediterranean International Wine Challenge TERRAVINO / Israel

Sauvignon Forum 2011

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