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Soubor log soutěží je jen ilustrativní

ProWein Invitation Moldova

Nr 6/2016 opens Christmas season!

  The longest night of the year is fast approaching.
A time during which we wish each other the very best, an occasion to exchange gifts and sit down together to enjoy a fantastic festive feast.
At this time of the year, we also remember our loved ones who are no longer with us, yet who will forever remain in our hearts. Over the past year, far too many such people have been lost at wineries both at home and abroad.
But because they were outstanding in their work, we’re not only left with memories to cherish, but also their living legacies – their students, successors and of course their offspring who continue in their footsteps.
For short time also in the wines they created.
The coming festive season will see us open some of the most beautiful wines from our archives and cellars. And as we do so, let us remember all those who raised the artistic bar of winemaking that bit higher. Filled the finest and most vibrant of wines may we raise our glasses in the company of all those we hold near and dear.
Family, friends, colleagues or who ever that may be. And as we do so, let’s drink to a happy, rich sun-soaked year ahead!
Wishing you all a magnificent and joyous Christmas break!

Czech News:
National Wine Competition and Salon of wines
Bohemia Sekt and sparkling First Quaff
Dreamteam od Stepan Manak
Chateau Valtice
First Quaff - Davinus
Sekt Hubertus J.E.
Slovak Christmas with Golguz
The World:
Terravino MIWSC Israel
Castilla y León
Special: Wine production in South Africa 2

Vchristmas chef´s gallery - Josef Macháček, Daniel Mora
History of the beer
History of the beer ad The Author of the Chapters
History od coffee - Bethlehems
Ideas for Christmas holiday trips
Special: South Africa for travellers

Nr 5/2016 issued at the turn of October and November

  With the morning fog and afternoon sun guiding us, we recently travelled around a number of wineries in Moravia and Slovakia, sampling beautiful young wines wherever we went.
  And how beautiful and full of promise they were. This year's Saint Martin will be a true celebration of wine with plenty of delicious re-runs expected during the days to follow, no doubt.
  Each year the autumn also plays host to celebrations of another drink - beer.
  The beverage typically associated with our nation and declared by Czechs as the national drink. This year we decided to devote an extensive special to it in our culinary section - delving into its history, personalities and the widest range of celebrations including the biggest festival in the world. Yes, we did go to Munich's Oktoberfest and had a wonderful time. We hope that you enjoy our special report just as much as our trip! And despite fewer beers for us to discover, our excursion to a lovely mini brewery in South Bohemia was equally thrilling.

Czech News
Cistercian´s seal competition
Chateau winery Bzenec
80 anniversary of Winegrowers COOP in Čejkovice
The World
Special: Wine production in South Africa
Theme od the month: BEER
Czech beer
Pilsner Fest
Oktober Fest
Minibrewery Kněžínek
Developer Dean Jones
Encyklopedist Garrett Oliver
History of the beer
Historie of coffee
Driving test: KIA Sportage

Nr. 4/2016 is issuing in the middle of the harvest time

  Lika always, we´re bringing now the colourfull palette of news from the whole world.   This number is unique in that it represents a first-hand (and from areas where Europeans enters only very rarely) Chinese viticulture, Chinese gastronomy and China as a destination for travelers.   The ultimate wine information about China 2016. Do you know that China has the second largest area of vineyards in the world already?

From home:
Vinař roku
Král vín
Happy birthday Ivan Váňa
From the World:
Michelangelo Wine Awads, Jižní Afrika
Raúl C. Castellani pased away
Austria: Where the vineyards are climbing the sky

Speciál: China

Winterhalter - a dishwasher production report
History of the beer LXIII. - How the Pilsner was born
The largest brewery in france - Kronenbourg
History of coffee
SPECIÁL: Gastronomy v China

Number 3/2016 for your holiday reading. And 96 pages again!

 The holidays time leaves you more time to read, so we chose materials that would take you to inspire - perhaps even for this year journey. We will take you along Istria peninsula in Croatia and its elite wineries, we will visit together the monastery brewery in the Bavarian Andechs as well as the fairytale Neuschwanstein ... or Slovak Skalica to also fabulous and fairytale like Skalický trdelník - so much better than those fried dough pieces at fairs and on the street booths!
 We will also invite you to the very south of Austria, where the wine smells like roses. And by the third part will be completed our guide thru "not only winemaking" Florida.
 Good bye in September! We are already traveling to brought new interesting articles to you!

Winery Vladimír Tetur
Winery Tomáš Vican
Alojz Masaryk anniversary celebration
Austria: Wine smelling like roses
Wine competition at home and abroad
Fest Wine
Grand Prix Vinex
Vino Ljubljana
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Sélections Mondiales des Vins
Winery of the Year
Wine Prague
Specia: Croatia - Istria
The Florida Guide III.

Chefs´Gallery: David Viktorin, Brno
History of coffee
History od beer LXII. - How the Pilsner was born
AOC Trdelnik if Skalica
Hygiene in the gastronomy
SPECIAL: Monastery brewery Andechs
Driving test: Mercedes Benz V Klasse
New York Auto Show

No. 2/2016 aligns record - 96 pages again!

  This year's crop of medals from both, our ones as well as brother Slovak winegrowers has been truly remarkable including awards from all over the world. And we're delighted to be able to share our first hand experience with you in this edition. Along with a whole host of other interesting items of course!
  It's hard to imagine all the hard work and effort, not to mention sunshine and joy concealed inside each bottle of wine when we're choosing which one to drink in a wine shop or store. However when it boasts a wonderful glistening medal from a major competition, it's easier for us to imagine the talent, experience, care and generous helping of luck which God imparted on the winegrower as well as the wine itself. From appropriate treatment of the vineyard, selecting the right time for harvesting, avoiding any mistakes in the cellar to simply listening to the wine, there's so much involved to ensure it develops as it should.
  It's beautiful to observe the expression worn on a winegrower's face when he presents a wonderful wine from a great vintage. It is entirely different from the one worn when he has to apologise profusely for the results of a decent wine tainted by a problematic harvest. It's amazing to watch how successful young wines flock to compete against one another. This year almost twice as many wines took part in the Vinum Juvenale than last year. And it's even more beautiful to witness first hand as these wine scoop up victories!

40 years anniversary: Judgment of Paris
From Czechia and Moravia:

Mathematicaly round wine mady by Znovín
Eight centusies of Wine from Kobylí
Winery Down the Castle in Klentnice
Bettina Lobkowicz
BS Vinařské potřeby
Winery of the Yearu
How the Golguz conquered Prague
Alojz Masaryk
World wine competitions:
Vinalies Internationales Paris
Chisinau International
Vinaria Bulgaria
Jarovín Rosé
Concours Mondial du Sauvignon
Finger Lakes
Vinum Juvenale
Les Grands Concours Strasbourg
Chardonnay du Monde
Bacchus 2016
The Florida Guide II.

Chefs´Gallery: Thomas Bühner, Germany
Salima and Co., Holiday World
Springtime markets
History of coffee
History od beer LXI. - How the Pilsner was born
Autotest: New York Auto Show

Number 1/2016 already ready to read!

  This number is jam-packed with articles, information, statistics, notes, guides and reports; The main body of the issue is taken up by two large reports - one about Norwegian cuisine accompanied by a guide around the UNESCO cultural heritage city of Bergen and the other taking us all the way to the wine region of Florida. We will take you in the new edition on Salon of Wines, and you can take the advantage from our personal disappointment with practises of Czech Airlines and Smart Wings. We hope you like all these topics as well as the other materials.

Salon of Wines of the Czech Republic 2016
Austria - awarded land of wine tourism
Invitation to ProWein
Galashow Premier Wines
Special: FLORIDA
           Why do we not know wines from Florida?

Bocuse d´Or - best chefs competition
CHEFS´ GALLERY: Patrik Bečvář, Selský dvůr
History of the Museum of Caffee
INterview with HOTREC president
Do you know, with whom you will fly?
SPECIAL: Norwegian gastronomy and guide thru the city of Bergen
Hansa Borg Breweries
Chapters from the history of beer LX. - How the Pilsner was born

Record breaking holiday number on 96 pages!

  Record breaking holiday number 6/2015 with 96 pages is here! A nice Christmas gift! Due to technical as well as economic reasons, we want to avoid going over one hundred, so it will likely remain a record-breaker too.
  We have decided to take a light-hearted and upbeat approach to life as the world enters a bizarre new era. And we hope you will do your bit to help raise our spirits further by subscribing to the magazine for another year and recommending us to your friends! As you welcomed our decision to expand the themes of our magazine to include travel this yyear, you can look forward to new extensive specials from overseas, from Israel and many other interesting regions. The Florida Special is underway for 2016 winter time!
  Wishing you lots of wonderful surprises beneath this year's Christmas tree and much love, happiness and beautiful wines in 2016!

- Jožka Valihrach - Bubbles - the endless adventure
- Znovín Znojmo - Interview with CEO Pavel Vajčner
- Tomáš Krist - Krist's creed
- Another quaff Pavlovín
- Terravino Israel
- Nátiopnal Wine Competition
WORLD: Italy - Prosecco Le Colture
Austria - The Sun Valley Serenade
Slovensko - Specil Chateau Belá

Leaders in Horeca CEE summit Prague
- NOOR, Hradec Králové
- Pod Lesem, Zbraslav
- Slunečnice, Brno-Černice
History of coffee - Coffee Made in Panama
Chapters from the history of beer LIX. - How the Pilsner was born
Goulash Festival Mikulov
Christmas wine sausage

# 5 distributed on November 5th!

  Voluminous autumn Nr. 5 is bringing on 92 pages portraits of wine maker Leoš Horák, Winery Jedlička and Winery Maláník&Osička or report from the sommelier competition Trophée Bohemia Sekt. The full age we´ve celebrated in Winery Mrva & Stanko.
  The SPECIAL is dedicated to the city of Plzeň nominated European Capital of Culture 2015 by the Council of Ministers of Europe. Aside from reminding the world as to why beers worldwide have "Pils" in their names, the occasion has allowed the city to present new theatre, implement a total of 600 projects plus loads of interesting cultural, scientific, culinary and sporting programmes. For this reason we took it upon ourselves to visit western Bohemia on several occasions to pick up interesting information about their famous beer, gastronomy not to mention discover more about the historical, cultural and tourist attractions. And what better time to go on a trip than during the Indian summer and autumn. I'm confident that you'll find a range of interesting tips on the many pages we have devoted to Plzeň and the surrounding region and the reports looking back on the successful events we attended, all captured on camera.

- King of Wines Leoš Horák
- Jedlička Winery
- Maláník & Osička Winery
Sommelier´s Championship: Trophée Bohemia Sekt
WORLD: Pittaro - Museum in the winery, winery in museum

- Karel Abrhám, Čaba Plzeň
- Filip Sajler, Perfect Canteen
Contest with Tork
Chapters from the history of beer VIII. - How the Pilsner was born
To Pilsen for the market
Small breweries festival Sun in the Glass
History of coffee - Coffee Made in China
Driving test: Ford C-Max
St. Wenzel´s Goulásh Festival
Invitation to the Leaders in HORECA CEE & CIS conference

No. 4 fresh from press!!!

  In our Number 4 we will introduce new laureates of the titles Winemaker of the Year and the King of Wines. We will talk about how changes the Chateau Lednice onto Lednice Winery ANNOVINO. Also we will bring photoreport opf the Gran Opening of the Vajbar Winery and lots of pages of original news.
  We´re continuing in accentuating profiling as a literary travelogue winemagazine. This issue SPECIAL introduces the wine production and history of Armenia and Nagorno (Mountainous) Karabakh. We tried to such a direction increasingly for several years and even your response in the first half reassured us that on the one hand, you love short instant messages, and on the other hand, extensive material on which you have to do time, but again you learn in depth something interesting. Thank you for supporting us!

- Grand opening of new Bronislav Vajbar Winery
- Winery Lednice ANNOVINO
Domestic Czech Wine Competitions
Winemaker of the Year, King of Wines, nominating rounds of National Wine Competition
SPECIAL: History and today of wine making in Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh
AUSTRIA - Judith Beck a invitation to Sturm, the new born wine)

CHEFS´ GALLERY: Petr Majer, Aquarius
Historie kávy - pražské kavárny
Chapters from the history of beer LVII. - Back to Roots
History of coffee - Old Prague Cafeés
Invitation to the Leaders in HORECA CEE & CIS conference
Autotest: Dezer Museum

Big fat Nr 3/2015 for your holidays!

  We went to the EXPO 2015, and you come with us. Already we can say that the Czech Republic on their pavillon and hospitality makes a good noise in Italy
  And on this occasion we arranged visits to not only interesting wineries, but also to Acetaia Medici, one of the best plants of the traditional balsamico!
  With brewmaster Marek Mikunda we talked in Toronto about the unique brewery under whistling steam whistle, but abouts the beer culture in Canada at all.
  Just a lot of reading to do on your holidays!

Introducing new 2014 vintage Pod Hradem, Women involved in wine
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Blanc, Sélections Mondiales des Vins, Québec
SPECIAL: Real Lambrusco should be rehabilitated
Megalomaniac, Ontario
Coffele, Soave
Wine Prague

Tutto Food Milano
Chefs´gallery: Michal PAULÍK, Nuance U Rotta
Balsamico Medici
Chapters from the history of beer LVI. - Prohibition
Steam Whistle Brewery and the beer in Canada
Coffee Museum
Autotest: Old times legends in Prague

No. 2/2015 still smells of the printer color!

  The spring time is here!
  This time we are quite near the sea and in overseas - in Thessaloniki / Greece, Dalmatia / Croatia, but also at home in Moravia and the Slovak Republic.
  And we will finish now last great unfinished story about the wines and wineries under Argentine snowy peaks. Salud!

Vinarstvi Maderic, Sonberk, Syfany
Mrva&Stanko, Terra Parna, Golguz Hlohovec
First Quaff
Kolby, Wines from Kobyli, Golguz
Les Grands Concours des Vins Blancs Strasbourg, Finger Lakes USA, Thessaloniki International

Argentina 2, Dalmatia

Chefs´gallery:: David KOUDELA, Korok
Holiday World a Top Gastro
Chapters from the history of beer LV. - Intoxicating beers
Coffee Museum
Autotest: Ford Mustang 50th anniversary

The first number of the 25 th anniversary is among readers!

  This year marks twenty years since the publication of our first magazine issue. And while the actual event didn't transpire until the autumn, we still very much see this as our jubilee year.   Jubilees offer a great occasion to take stock and for people to consider how to do things differently.
  Replacing the fixed cliché headline is the promise of a new literary travelogue magazine. Over the past few years, we have tested out that course in previous years and market research results proved to us that on the one hand you like fast short reports however on the other hand also appreciate more in-depth content allowing you to delve deeper into interesting topics and which you like to make time for. And we enjoy that.
  We're kicking off with A - taking you to the viniferous mountain climbs of Argentina. But we also venture into non-wine areas, which we couldn't possibly leave out thanks to the great travelling opportunities, food and a wonderful way of life.

the ultimate guide to the proud showcase of Czech winemaking
Znovín, Pavlovín, Kolby, Vajbar, Davinus, Kometa from Kobylí
Terravino International Mediterranean IWSC, Netanya, Israel

Benhaim Winery, Israel, Last 2014 vintage report, Austria
Tastes of the World, Wines in Ahold chain

World gastronomic pearls
Chefs´gallery:: Pavel BUCHWALDEK, Zlatá Praha / Golden Prague, InterContinental Hotel
Holiday World a Top Gastro
Chapters from the history of beer LIV. - MEAD

Holiday special 5+6/2014 on 132 pages is here! Haleluja! Merry Christmas!

  In a few days we can look forward to entering our 25th anniversary year. During this timeframe, we have never once published a festival double issue. So this marks a first for us! We want to thank you for your patronage duriong all there years and to bring you plenty of good reading material throughout the festive season. You may even decide to pick out one of the wines covered in our articles for your own special Christmas or New Year's dinner table. And perhaps other articles will inspire you to try out an unusual dish or two as well. Either way you can trust in the fact that we personally sampled everything we write about and that our evaluations are always sincere and truthful.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Regina Coeli, Znovín Znojmo, Chateau Winery Bzenec, Piálek & Jäger, St. Martin´s Wines
Pod Hradem Winery, Chateau Winery Bzenec, Piálek & Jäger
Tastes of the World, Ahold wines
Víno Matyšák, Janoušek & Polák
Mail worldwide vine varieties, Argentina, Château Pape Clément, National Wine Day in Moldova, Small Wineries on the Eastern Coast of USA

Traditional pond fishing out and Christmas recipes from many countries on 21 pages!
Coffee museum - real Turkish coffee
Do you know the mostly sold spirit in the world?
Safety in gastronomy and hospitality
Chapters from the history of beer LIII.
Driving test: KIA Carens
The best we´ve tasted this year

Issue #4/2014 on the way to you!

I hope this past summer has been just as lovely for you as it has been for winemakers. Mild weather, sunny days, accompanied by the occasional rain, were surely welcomed with open arms by all concerned. But as we drew closer to harvest time, things started going badly wrong.
Sunny days have been swapped for torrential downpours. In some places it has rained more in the space of a few days than over the past six months in fact.
As has applied in the past, there's no doubt in my mind that winemakers will figure it all out. The rain will eventually stop, the flooded vineyards will dry out, grapes will be harvested and we will celebrate the 2014 vintages by drinking Saint Laurent wine right through the coming year.
Even so, we've got our fingers firmly crossed for both winemakers and their wines to ensure this really happens and that the forthcoming Indian summer will allow grapes to ripen once again into high sugar content and full-bodied flavour!

World wine competitions:
    - Ice Wine du Monde
    - King of Wines
New TV series VINAŘI (Wine Makers)
Moravian wines and wineries:
    - Vinařský dům Petr Skoupil + First quaff
    - Petr Bunža
Summer Wine Festivals:
    - Slavíci na Podluží
    - Znojemské historické vinobraní
    - Vinofolfest Novosedly
France - Pearl of Rhone Valley
BS Wine supplies and products

Chefs´gallery: Pavel Kachyňa
Coffee Museum - Brazil
Valrhona Chocolate
Safety in gastronomy and hospitality
Chapters from the history of beer LII.
Autotest: Mercedes Benz 350 ML

Number 3/2014 on the way to you!

Regular readers will know that this issue was supposed to come out in June, however here it is halfway of Jury. Please accept my apologies - to quote from Jára da Cimrman, it's all I have to offer.
To quote from another book, Catherine of Saturnin would add that sickness doesn't roam mountains but rather people, possibly picking up the young but definitely catching the old…
Despite all of this, I hope you will like this somewhat late-arriving issue, containing the holiday interview with Michel Fleischmann, founder of first private radio station in the Czech Republic. I also hope you will head out in search of the winemakers mentioned and are not only rewarded by good wines but also a friendly welcome - whether your journey takes you to Moravia, Bohemia, Styria, Slovenia or anywhere else.

Interview: Michel Fleischmann
International Wine Competitions:
    - Vino Ljubljana
    - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
    - Sélections Mondiales des Vins Québec
    - Georgian Wine Awards
Moravian wines and wineries:
    - Vinařství Pod Hradem
    - Pavlovín + First quaff
    - VINIUM
    - Veritas
    - Templářské sklepy
Austria - Styria
New kaleidoscope

Chefs´gallery: Pavel Veltruský
Coffee Museum - Meinl vs. Kulík
Safety in gastronomy and hospitality
Chapters from the history of beer LI.
Driving test: Car of the Year Mazda6

Number 2/2014 fresh of press! In your postbox shortly after first May kiss!

It’s the competition time.
Competitions are taking place all over the world and, in traditional style, our editorial team will be there record the action. Czech and Slovak wines are achieving magnificent results this year! It’s hard to keep track of how many medals these wines have picked up so far! One set of results most definitely worth a mention however are the world titles from the Strasbourg´s Les Grands Concours du Monde, Chardonnay du Monde, Le Mondial du Sauvignon. Our wines also performed well in areas where they helped support good causes - at Finger Lakes.
What a fantastic success story to celebrate!
This issue is quite literally overflowing with competitions and successes!
Wishing you lots of personal success this spring too!
It’s also that time of year for planning holidays. To help you plan your summer holiday better, we’ve brought you a few ideas about where to go in search of wine in Dalmatia.

International Wine Competitions:
    - Vinalies Internationales
    - Le Mondial du Rosé
    - Les Grands Concours du Monde
    - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
    - Concours Mondial du Sauvignon
    - Vinaria Bulgaria
Wine Research Station Karlštejn
ACTUALITY: Wine & Delicacies Trade Fair
DALMATIA: Tips for your holidays
    - southwards from Makarska till Dubrovnik
Argentina - San Juan
New kaleidoscope

450 years of the Svijany Brewery
Walking around various restaurants in Paris
    - big gastronomic report
Coffee Museum - espresso
Safety in gastronomy and hospitality
Chapters from the history of beer L.

Číslo 1/2014 was published on February 28th, but was waiting utill March 3 for the booklet Vinařství roku 2014.

One small step for humankind, yet the greatest change for our magazine since its inception almost twenty five years ago, came with the decision to expand our publication to Appstore, Google play and above all, platforms. This means that, starting from this issue, SOMMELIER and Hotel and Restaurant Revue will also be accessible for use on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. We won't be giving up on our printed version, however! Naturally we hope that the digital version will attract new readers, however clearly also value the loyalty of those who love opening our ink-scented magazine printed on quality glossy paper..

Don´t forget to buy the abonnement for 2014 !

National Wine Competition and the Salon of Wines
Davinus, first real negotiant
How the book was born
Volarik Winery + First quaff
First quaff: Vinselekt Michlovský
Wine Research Station Karlštejn
Vinum Juvenale
Chisinau OIV Wine Competition
Audience Bordeaux
Argentina - Mil Vientos
NEW kaleidoscope

Philippe Mille, Les Crayéres, Champagne
Wellness Galant Mikulov
Software for restaurants
Safety in gastronomy and hospitality
Chapters from the history of beer XLVIX.
Coffee museum
Ideas for the kitchen
Driving test: Škoda Octavia 4x4 TDi

The Holiday season issue 6/2013 hot off press right now!

The year 2013 kicked off in true unlucky thirteen style as we learned that the distribution company, which took care of our magazine’s print-run, had gone bankrupt. Dealing with this was no easy feat but we found a way out.
Meanwhile on our journeys in search of wine this year we had the misfortune of experiencing two earthquakes, Zonda hurricane, a close shave with a helicopter, falling before I was able to board, while owing to historical epic snow storms in the region of Jerusalem just before Christmas. This is the reason why this issue is for some days delayed.
There’s never a dull day in my job as a winewriter for you, I can tell you!
We sincerely hope that the year to come will not be any worse than the last - either for you or for us!
Congrats to Miloš Michlovský - 60
World wine competitions:
     Vinandino Argentina
     Terravino Israel
Festive chords of Lubomír Brabec
Sommelier of Moravia
Successful Year for Znovín Znojmo
Holiday Season Special: The Best of the World:
Château Margaux, Bordeaux
Château d´Yquem, Sauternes
Vinifera Cellars Dr. Frank, USA
Alta Vista, Argentina
Et Cetera, Moldova
Saint Hills, Dalmacia
Marsala, Sicily
Wine Festival Zagreb

Krizstián Pásztor, Boscolo New York Café, Prague
Hannes Sattler, Sattlerhof, Austria
Chapters from the history of beer XLVIII.
Safety in gastronomy
Coffee - Coffee containers
Drink mixology using coffee
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Driving test: Land Rover Defender Satbir

The September issue 5/2013 hot off press right now!

Although even this number brings news from Moravia and the world as always, is focused on a small country far to the East - to Moldova. Who knows it better, find out how close the historical stories of our two small nations are - the Russian occupation and oppression there were much harsher and longer than here in Czech. Moldova offers excellent wines, great nuts and extremely wide range of delicious vegetable dishes. It is worthwhile to read the story of Moldovan wines, gastronomy, report from National Wine Festival and our coverage of tourist attractions. And then to go there to experience it all live.
Trophée Bohemia Sekt Sommelier 2013
Special: The National Wine Festival in Moldova
Topic of this issue: Organic wine making in Moravia
Georgios Ilias
Jiří Abrle
Jan Petrák Sparkling Wines
     Wine from Kobylí + First quaff
Austria: Harald Breitenfelfer a Ludwig Neumayer
World wine competitions:
Sommeliers association in the fall
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Special: Gastronomy and tourism in Moldova
Ruslan Cubaenco, La Taifas
Stanislav Rogolski, Nobil Panorama Restaurant
Annual Czech Beer Awards
Chapters from the history of beer XLVII.
Coffee - Coffee mills
- What do we are really drinking?
Safety in gastronomy
Prague chocolate
Driving test: Mercedes E-Klasse Hybrid

The September issue 4/2013 hot off press in September!

Last summer we spent a lot of beautiful moments to visits in several wineries and cellars in Czech, Moravia, Slovakia and Austria. We tasted a lot of notable and remarkable wines and now we are ready to bring the good news to you. It fortunately looks like grapes will be in sufficient supply this year. As long as the sun shines during the Indian summer, it will be nice and of good quality. This of course will bring joy to winemakers and wine lovers alike. Today we are introducing some of them to you - internationaly successful Josef Valihrach, Vinne sklepy Valtice, wine entertainer Petr Bíza, boutique producer Jakub Samsula and others.
Take same days off and visit in this nice harvest time the wine producing region! It is worth the jorney! You will love the wine much more, when you will identify yourselve with the process and authors. Which only leaves me to wish you all a jam-packed wine event calendar in Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, not to mention neighbouring Austria where you can sample the "burtchak", “sturm”, young wine and a variety of other autumn harvest delights too. And while you’re at it, make sure to take a glass for us too!
Enjoy and cheers!
World wine competitions:
     Ice Wine du Monde
     Berliner Wein Trophy
     CINVE Valladolid
National wine competitions:
     Winemaker of the Year
     Král vín (King of the Wines)
     National Wine Competition
     Josef Valihrach
     Vinné sklepy Valtice
     Hynek Holánek
     Petr Bíza
     Jakub Šamšula
Claus Preisinger & Karl Brindlmayer
World ASI Championship, Czech Sommelier Association, Sommelier Znovin Cup
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Jaroslav Havel, Cappuccini Kolovraty
Chapters from the history of beer XLVI.
Coffee - coffee mills
- coffee competitions
Safety in gastronomy
Driving test: Mercedes Citan

Holidays special 3/2013 on 88 pages fresh from press at June 26th, 2013!

It has become a bit of a tradition here at Sommelier to send our readers extended material in preparation for the approaching holiday season which we hope will bring that little bit more time spare to savour such pleasures. With almost ninety pages of reports gathered from all over the world, we're pleased to say that this year is no exception in this respect. Plus we've got a real treat in store for lovers of Sauvignons and France. In this special summer bumper edition, you can look forward to checking out our holiday tips to the French Loire Valley - home to the most widely proclaimed Sauvignons the world over from Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé. Wi will invite you to Austrian Burgenland, as well as to Moldova. Great experience!
Of course a whole range of prestigious competitions have taken place all over the world - we´re proud of Sauvignon Forum in Mikulov and Bratislava´s amazing Mondial de Bruxelles, Québec raising the bar yet further at Sélections Mondiales des Vins, Premios Zarcillo risen from the ashes as mythic Phoenix...
All that leaves me to say is happy reading. Wishing you wonderful weather and a great holiday!
Professor Vilém Kraus has departed from his eternally grateful students at the ripe age of 89.
World wine competitions:
     Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
     Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Blanc
     Sauvignon Forum, Mikulov
     Sélections Mondiales, Québec
     Premios Zarcillo
Holiday Special: Chateaux and Wines over the Loire
Wine and Delicacies Trade Fair, Prague
Valtice Wine Fair
First quaff: Karpatská perla
Holiday ideas: Burgenland
Czech Sommelier Association
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Jaroslav ZAHÁLKA, Mood
Chapters from the history of beer XLV.
Coffee - roasting 2
- Do you REALLY want open a coffee shop?
Safety in gastronomy
New York Auto Show 2
Driving test: New Ford Fiesta

Issue 2/2013 hot off press now!

My first contribution to a "real" newspaper was published almost forty years ago.
Over the course of time, I gradually moved onto wine and gastronomy. And, as we often find in life, history has a way of repeating itself. Armed with patriotic enthusiasm, I went along to the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in Rochester, in the very north of the USA to offer my support to Znovín Znojmo which scooped up the champion title there for its fantastic ice wine. Czech wine - the best show in America! Bingo!
I was later to find out via Facebook that the same Znovín Znojmo had scooped up the Winery of the Year award at Prague's Lucerna that very same night! And that, during the gala evening, the annual Vindemia Acta prize awarded by The Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association for lasting contributions to promoting wine from the Czech Republic had been given to me.
I felt enormous pleasure that the work of our editorial team had been valued by real winemakers. I would like to express my sincere thanks to them and to tell them that I genuinely value this award. And that of course it is not only mine to treasure, but belongs to all those who have worked for the SOMMELIER magazine in the past and continue to do so today. And, above all, to my nearest and dearest, Iva who has been carrying the burden of producing it for twenty three years already.
Winery of the Year: Znovín Znojmo
Víno Mikulov
VOC (AOC) Znojmo, Valtice Underground, Open Cellars Festival Mikulov
First quaff: Modrý sklep
Winery of the Year in Slovakia: Karpatská perla
Holiday ineas: North of Croatia
World Wine Competitions:
     Vinalies Internationales
     Finger Lakes, USA
     Les Grands Concours, Strasbourg
City Winery New York
Izraelski ambassador and Moravian Winemakers
King of Wines
Czech Sommelier Association
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Crystalite Bohemia Glass Works
Gastronomy special: Provence
      Lukáš Pohl, Brooke Dennis, HOSPODA New York
      František Sigmund, hotel Ryšavý
Chapters from the history of beer XLIV.
Coffee - roasting 1
Safety in gastronomy
New York Auto Show

Issue 2/2012 hot off press on February 25th 2013!

     Dear readers!
     There are endless good reasons for us to continue enjoying wine! New year of the Salon vín in the Czech Republic is kicking off and I can already tell you it has a whole host of wonderful wines to boast about! During the evaluation at the National Wine Competition we all focused on the task in hand and adopted a critical stance. However once the tallying of points was over, we all clinked glasses and exchanged views as to which of the exhibited wines we favoured over others. And I can tell you it made for quite a long list! Here in the Czech Republic the harvest has been modest over the past few years but it is all the more delicious as a result. That which nature succeeding in creating, the vine turned to grape and winemakers into a subsequently delicious vintage.

The ultimate guide thru Salon vín ČR 2013
      National wine contest
      100 wines displayed in the Salon 2013
      Entry fees, programmes, business hours
Champion Jakub Pribyl
Sommeliers Association tasting - Champagne
Terravino Israel
Holiday travel tip:
In memory of the deceased Jan Vajčner
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Glassworks Crystalite Bohemia
Theme of the issue: Provence
      Reine Sammut, La Feniére, Provence
      Robert Burian, Olivier, České Budějovice
Master cutler Josef Pok
Vitalbox - weight loss for gourmets
Coffee and coffee substitutes
Chapters from the history of beer XLIII.
Safety in gastronomy
Driving test: Renault Espace

Issue 6/2012 on 88 pages will bring St. Micholas on December 6th!

It's Christmas, and also the end of the year, both events of which surely provide sufficient reason for us to wish each other good fortune and for saying things we sincerely mean. We are all going to need fortune that's for sure. And it's a big assumption for us to hope that the forthcoming holiday season will not only bring good fortune, but also happiness. In this issue you'll read about how this year's crop from the Moravian vineyards is of excellent quality despite the low yield of grapes.
And from the heart we hope that next year will be a better one for both for you and us. And who knows it could even end up being the best yet. Let's drink to that.

Your publisher

Three big Christmas interviews:
      Winemaker Miloš Michlovský
      Glassmaker Georg Riedel
      Muzician Karel Vágner
15. Trophée Bohemia Sekt 2012
Trophée Bohemia Sekt Junior
General meeting of the Associaton of Sommeers CZ
St, Martin ´s wine
International reports:

Hotel Abácie
Chefs´Gallery: Radek Solanský
Christmas special: Whisky
Enlarged Christmas edition: Chapters from the history of beer XLII.
Ecological "BIO" food and liquors Biofarma Amalthea Hvozd
Agnes Zelená Bohdaneč
Competition for the best Czech dumplings
Driving test: Subaru Outback

Issue 5/2012 hot off press on 84 pages at October 30th!

We would like to apologise to our foreign subscribers today for not being able to provide the traditional English version of our editorial. Panic swept across the Czech Republic recently due to a scandal involving methyl alcohol which had been added to the cheapest counterfeit spirits resulting in the death of thirty people consuming the lethal mix. The government subsequently imposed a ban on the sale of distilled liquor and ordered for additional steps to be taken. Although we have never aspired to be a political magazine, the situation has urged us to express our views on the matter in greater detail. It is because of this that today's editorial appears only in Czech. Our sincerest apologies go out to our foreign readers for this. By next time, everything will return to normal. And hopefully we'll be able to say the same about the spirits…

Slovakia: We´re introducing ELESKO winery and their wines
The true story about KOLBY!
First quaff: what about the KOLBY wines entering the market?
St. Martins´s wines
Moravian wine feasts:
   Vinofol Fest
   Burcakfest in Znojmo
What to see on the way to Znojmo?
MUNDUS vini 2012
Georgia - country of 8000 wine harvests
Harvest in Portugal: Douro
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Autumn special: Pumpkins, mushrooms, carrots, cellery and potatoes in the international kitchen
Chefs gallery: Martin Weiler, Austria
Restaurant and hotel Na statku
Brewery Hotel Na Rychte
Beer: St. Wenzel festive evening of Czech beer, Chapters from the history of beer XLI.
Safety and health at work in gastronomy
Angus Farm 2nd National Championship in preparing of Tartar Steaks
Driving test: KIA cee´d SW

Number 4/2012 just issued!!

     Wine brings much pleasure to many people.
     Thanks to the success stories of our winemakers, six child oncological patients got to experience an unforgettable school summer holiday this year at the curative centre, Camp Good Days and Special Times in the USA. The six-page report has been written by the children themselves. It's amazing what great wine and the wonderful results of winemakers are capable of achieving! It's not about the actual medals - this where the real triumph of Moravian and Slovak wines lies - having earned themselves standing ovations in Rochester. They truly deserve credit, admiration, congratulations and heartfelt thanks!
     Many thanks!

Children in America! Thanks to vintners!
Sauvignon forum, OIV
King of the wine
MAKRO Vinař roku
   BM Winery
   Winery Sádek
   Vinium Velké Pavlovice
First toast of wine: Vinium
Sommelier Znovín Pardubice Competition
Arts&Crafts Glasswork Bělčice
Electric corkscrews to win!
Rhein-Hessen: The marketing lesson
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Chefs gallery: Petr Cibulka and Alexandr Ludvík, Grand Moravia
Origin of products:
How the beer is brewed in Černá Hora
Hot the Olomoucké tvarůžky are made
Cheesy confectionery in Loštice
St. Laurent´s feast in Kladno
Middle Ages Gastronomy
Chapters from the history of beer XL.
IVNprofi fashion

Number 3/2012 issued on the last day before holiday season!

     Almost in the blink of an eye wine has suddenly become a political topic. Winemakers have started to unite, fighting against increases to the current 0% consumer tax rate.
     Wine has also managed to catch attention from within the non-wine making public thanks to a certain governor in the South Moravia 'wine' region having exploited the drink for his own political gain, not forgetting the Central Bohemian representative who found an ingenious second use for his empty wine box as a safe deposit.
     Despite this, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best - may you have a great summer with new issue of SOMMELIER in hand, accompanied by superb wines and undeterred by politics!

František Mádls´ "Malý vinař" Winery portrait
Malý vinař František Mádl
Winery U Kapličky (Down the Chapel)
Natur Vini Patrik Staško
First quaff:: VINOFOL
Valtice Wine Fair
Wine & Delicacies Trade Fair
Festival VOC Znojmo
Czech international championship in sabrage
Holiday tip: Weinviertel, Niederösterreich
World wine competitions vín:
- Sélections Mondiales des Vins, Québec
- Les Grands Concours du Monde, Strasbourg
- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Guimaraes
- Le Mondial du Rosé, Cannes

In Franzensbad with the winner
Chefs gallery: Nathaya Kaewphoopha, NOI Praha
Restaurant Vojanův dvůr
Customer care: Vino Zenith
Chapters from the history of beer XXXIX.
Driving test: KIA Optima

Issue 2/2012 hot off press before the Wine & Delicacies trade fair!

     The idea came to me recently that wine must be the most sporting of all drinks. And it's fair to say we find a fair few sport fanatics among winemakers.
     Thiss issue is full of international wine competitions and goos news.
     The best news is, Czech Republic will host to the 1st tome in the history the Intaretional competition under OIV auspices - the VI. Sauvignon Forum in june!"
     In this issue, we have dedicated the greatest amount of space to a competition which few people know about here in the Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia - the American Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. Aside from a gold and silver, the event managed to secure many better times ahead for children with cancer plus bag an invitation to America for six children from the Czech Republic and Slovakia! Here's to the benefits of good wine!

Mádls´ "Malý vinař" became the Winery of the year 2011
actual fotoreport from the Lucerna Palace in Prague
Invitation to the Wine & Delicacies trade fair: Day of Bulgarian Wines, Wines of famous authors, Tenuta Cavalier Pepé
International Wine Competitions: Vinalies Internationales, Paříž, Bacchus, Madrid, Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux
Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Rochester, USA - triumph of Moravian and Slovak wines at the world lagrest charity competition!
Report: Wine industry in the New York State
Moravia: Israeli ambassador awarded winemakers and visited them in the Moravian cellars
Austria: Invitation to VieVinum
Wineries in Moldova - Cricova and Migdal-P
Holiday wine guide:
Croatia - Istria
, final.

Chefs gallery: Jacques Genin, Paris
Chefs gallery: Leonardo Accorsi, Prague
Chapters from the history of beer XXXVIII.
Driving test: Hyundai i30

The first 2012 issue in print since 21.2.2012

    In our final issue from last year we placed surveys into the magazine which we used to establish what kind of magazine you would like to see in the future and how you rated our work in the past. The last time we conducted a similar survey was four years ago.
    We'd like to thank you for your wishes in terms of how to proceed from here.
    We enjoy producing a magazine which you enjoy reading.
    And be rest assured, we will do our utmost to ensure you continue to like it. Several readers among you all have also been picked out of our prize draw and been rewarded with nice prizes. Ultimately though, it can be said that we are all WINNERS.
National Wine Competition ans Salon of Wines of the Czech Republic 2012
the ultimative guide thru the Czech wine Olymp
Moravia: Chateau Bzenec WInery, Vinařství Čech, springtime with Znovín Znojmo
World wine competitions: TERRAVINO IZRAEL - triumph of Moravian wines, Chisinau 2012 - 1st OIV competition in the year 2012
Austria: Nikolaihof, Christine Saahs about biodynamics
Audience on the Prague Castle
Holiday wine guide:
Croatia - Istria
first part. Don´t forget to order the secont part in next issue!
Pictorial kaleidoscope

Chefs gallery: Jan Pýcha, Tvrz Průhonice
Our readers survey winners
Origin of products: Truffles
Holiday World and Top Gastro exhibitions
Chapters from the history of beer XXXVII.

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